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 Welcome to the National 1974 AMC AMX Registry.


AMC (American Motors Company) built 4980 Javelin AMX cars in 1974. This is a registry of some of those cars.

Here you will find 1974 AMX's listed by the state they are in. Additional information about each car is listed by VIN, Production date, Engine size, Transmission type, Exterior color, Interior color, Known Options, and date of info.  If you would like to register your car, e-mail a picture and info to trex6622@ yahoo.com 

We have over 150 cars registered, so come on in and enjoy one of America's best muscle cars.

Please do not copy or reprint any portion of this website without written permission.





 Engine Sizes:

                                    Bore and Stroke       Compression Ratio     Horse Power (net)    Torque (net)

304 2 Barrel              3.75" x 3.44"              8.4:1            150@4200 RPM      245@2500 RPM

360 2 B, 1 exhaust     4.08" x 3.44"              8.5:1            175@4000 RPM      285@2400 RPM

360 4 B, 1 exhaust     4.08" x 3.44"              8.5:1            195@4400 RPM      295@2900 RPM

360 4 B, 2 exhaust     4.08" x 3.44"              8.5:1            220@4400 RPM      315@3100 RPM

401 4 Barrel              4.17" x 3.68"              8.5:1             255@4400 RPM     345@3300 RPM


Character Number    Translation

     1              Company A=AMC
     2              Last digit of model year (6=1966)
     3              Transmission Type
     4              First digit of series no. (0=01)
     5                           Body Type
     6              Group No. (trim level) or Body Class
     7              Engine Code
     8-13           Sequential Serial Number. First for each model year 
                    is always
100001 for Kenosha and Toledo, 700001 for

                    All AMC export models were built at Kenosha.

3- Transmission Types          
        C- Automatic, Floor Shift  3sp 
E- Manual, Floor 3 sp
        M- Manual, Floor 4 sp


4- Series
     0- Hornet   
     1- Matador
4- Gremlin            
     7- Javelin 
8- Ambassador


5- Body Types
     3- 2dr hatchback                 
     5- 4dr Sedan                          
     6- 2dr Sedan 
8- 4dr Station Wagon
9- 2dr Hardtop Coupe

6- Group Numbers or Body Class
5- Gremlin
    7- Hornet, Javelin, Matador, Ambassador                                     
        8- Javelin AMX                              

7- Engine Codes
     Codes are valid only during certain years. Many codes were used to represent different size engines in different years. A series number following a year indicates for that series only.
  E - 232 1bbl                       
  H - 304 2bbl                                     
  M - 304 4bbl                                                        
    N - 360 2bbl
    P - 360 4bbl
  Z - 401 4bbl




Basic Measurements:            Wheelbase  110", Stance 58.52 inch front- 60 inch rear, 
                                                              Trunk 10.2 cubic feet, Fuel tank 16 gallons


AMX Optional Equipment:

All season A/C including heavy duty engine cooling system, 50 amp battery (60 amp with 360 or 401 V-8's), and 51 amp alternator

Floor Console with all floor mounted manual or auto transmission

Power steering (recommended with A/C)

Adjust-O-Tilt Steering wheel

Four 15" x 7" slot style wheels with 14" space saver spare tire and wheel (available on V-8's only)

Spoke style wheels, 14" x 6"

Tinted windshield

Tinted glass, all windows (recommended with A/C)

Rear window defogger (blower type)

Inside hood release

Deluxe electric wipers

 Stowage/Litter pouch for both doors (not available with AM/FM stereo)


 Light Group:

     Trunk Light

     Two Courtesy Lights

     Map Light

     Glove Box Light

     Parking Brake Warning Light

     Headlamp on Warning Buzzer


 Visibility Group:

     Remote Control Left Outside Mirror

     Visor Vanity Mirror

     Day/Night Inside Mirror

     Inside Hood Release

     Deluxe Three Speed Elect Wipers

     Electric Clock


Performance Options

Twin grip differential

Dual exhaust (standard on 360 and 401)

4 speed manual transmission with Hurst Shifter

Torque command automatic transmission

GO Package:

     (360 or 401 engine)

       360 - 4B or 401 - 4B  V8 engine

       Hood T Stripe

       Black Rear Panel Area

       Rally-Pac Instruments

       Handling Package

       Cowl Hood

       Heavy Duty Engine Cooling

       Twin Grip Differential

       Power Disc Brakes

       E 60 X 15 Polyglas Tires W/Raised White Letters

       Slot Steel Wheels (15 X 7)

       Space Saver Spare Tire W/Reg Wheel


 Rally Pac Instruments V-8 Only:

     Amp and Oil Gauges

     Combination Tachometer and Clock

     140 MPH Speedometer


Audio Options

AM push button radio

AM/FM push button multi plex stereo radio with two door mounted speakers and two rear speakers

Stereo 8 track tape player with AM radio and 4 speaker system

Rear speaker, With AM radio only

Exterior Options

Vinyl roof


Heavy Duty Options

Heavy duty engine cooling system (standard with A/C) includes heavy duty radiator, power flex fan and fan shroud

Heavy duty 70 amp battery

Engine block heater (600 watt)

Handling Package:

    Heavy Duty Springs

    Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers

    Front Sway Bar


Protection Group

Stainless Steel Door Edge Guards

Color Keyed Vinyl Floor Mats

Vinyl body side scuff molding (not available with rally stripe)

Insulation Group:

Undercoating and Hood Insulation














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